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Reptile Boarding

Boa Constrictor
Leopard Gecko

Cold Blooded Sensations has often been asked the question about 'babysitting' reptiles. We do have limited space but are able to board a few animals depending on species, time frame and current space available. Please contact us for more information and scheduling.

What Boarding with Cold Blooded Sensation looks like:

• Food appropriate for species

• Lighting

• Your Enclosure (if you would like to use one of ours please notify us in advance and see Terms and Conditions.)

• Most boarding animals will be inside our home away from our collection, as space allows.

Boa Constrictor
Boa Constrictor


Snakes (up to 8 feet)               $10 / day   $60 / week  $240 / Month

Bearded Dragons/Geckos    $15 / day  $110 / week  $440 / Month

Multiple animal stays - 50% off 2nd animal 

(50% will be applied to the lesser daily stay amount.)

Terms & Conditions

Things to note for a smooth drop off

  • Boarding Form must be signed & submitted when dropping off your Pet.

  • Copy of Driver's License or ID is required for your file.

  • ALL pets MUST be healthy.  This includes being mite, disease and parasite free prior to being approved for drop off. If your pet brings a contagious disease or parasite in, which results in the death or vet bills of other animals, you will be responsible for those fees. 

  • All pets will be treated for mites upon drop off. 

  • An adult must be present when dropping off your pet for boarding.

Terms & Conditions:

By boarding your pet with Cold Blooded Sensations, you are agreeing to the following. Your Pet will be in its own enclosure throughout its stay. However, there is always a risk of exposure to other reptiles at this facility.  Which means parasites/disease can spread. This is a risk of boarding animals.  Animals that are being boarded here at Cold Blooded Sensations, LLC are kept as separate as possible and all safety precautions are followed to avoid spreading any germs or parasites.  There are many reptilian diseases that are contagious and can cause sudden unexplained death. Cold Blooded Sensations, LLC is not responsible for the death of any animal while in boarding. Cold Blooded Sensations, LLC has safety protocols in place but we feel that is in important for owners to understand the possible risks involved in boarding an animal. 

  • If your pet is on any medications or supplements please discuss these with us PRIOR to boarding your pet.  They must be approved and need to be provided by the pet's owner.

  • In the event of an emergency situation your pet will be transported to the vet.  You will be responsible for an vet fees for your animal, for any reason. As a courtesy Cold Blooded Sensations will notify you if your pet needs to go to the vet, but necessary medical care is not optional. Necessity will be determined by the staff at Cold Blooded Sensations.

  • All Pets will be fed and cared for on the same schedule as the other animals in our facility. If your pet requires something special you will need to notify us of this need, provide it and know that it could result in an extra fee.

  • Please note that your enclosure must be secure. Cold Blooded Sensations will not be responsible for Pets that escape from your enclosure because it is not secure or defective.

  • We will care for your Pet as if they were our own here at Cold Blooded Sensations. Due to the nature of the animals that we are dealing with Cold Blooded Sensations, LLC will not be responsible for lost, stolen or deceased animals. Accidents, natural disasters and escapes are all things that can happen. Reptiles can also have medical issues with no symptoms. We abide by all safety precautions while caring for your animals as well as our own. However, things can happen that are out of our control.

  • If you require use of our enclosures (depending upon availability), there may be an extra fee. For longer stays we may charge for the substrate and UVB lighting (if required) due to it not being able to be reused.


  • In the event a pet is not picked up by the agreed upon pick-up date. Cold Blooded Sensations must be notified of the new date change in writing via email or verbally via telephone. If Cold Blooded Sensations is not notified of the need of a date extension the customer will be billed DOUBLE for each day that the animal is left past the pick-up date.

  • If a Customer does not return for their pet after the pick-up date. The customer's will be allowed a grace period of two weeks (14 days) to pick-up the animal after the pick-up date. After the two week period, all property and the animal will be surrendered to Cold Blooded Sensations. The last day in the two week period will be the "Final Surrender Date".  This will be the last day the customer will be able to pick up and pay for an animal that has not been properly extended.

  • Cold Blooded Sensations, LLC reserves the right to sell, re-house or re-home any of the animals that are left behind for longer than two weeks past the pick up date. 

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