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Experienced Breeders

Cold Blooded Sensations is a family owned and operated business. We believe that all reptiles should be able to live their best life. We have over 20 years experience with various different reptiles. It was only natural to take our passion to the next level and be able to share our love with the rest of the world. We decided to focus our passion on Boa Morphs, Green Tree Pythons and Carpet Pythons. We hope that you can find your next best friend here also! 

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

At Cold Blooded Sensation we believe in selective breeding. We carefully select and maintain all of the snakes in our collection.  Selection of each animal that is brought into the collection is based upon bloodlines and health to make sure that we give you the best!

Find Your Next Friend

Please browse our website and feel free to ask any questions.  We are always happy to assist in anyway that we can!  We hope you can find your next best friend with us!

Boa Constrictor

Terms of Service

Payment: We accept Cash, PayPal and all major credit cards.


Payment plans are available with a 25% NON-Refunable deposit.  Terms are UP TO 60 days depending on the cost of the animal.  Please contact us for more information regarding payment plans.


Guarantee: All animals are guaranteed to be healthy and feeding.  We will do our best to sex your animal using our experience but we cannot guarantee the sex on any animal unless otherwise specified. Please contact us within 24 hours of your animals arrival for any issues.  Please make sure to photograph your animal upon arrival for future reference. Shipments must be accepted on the first delivery attempt and if shipping to the hub must be picked up upon notification of delivery (cannot be left over night). Failure to comply with timely delivery or pickup will void any DOA warranty.



Next day shipping only or local pick up is available.  We will only ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays excluding holidays and weather permitting.  Shipping to home is available when temperature lows are above 40F and highs are below 95F, if the temperatures are outside of these perimeters we will need to ship to your local FedEx Hub for pickup.


Please note that the customer needs to be aware of their local laws.  If a permit is required for any animal, proof of permit will be required prior to shipping. We reserve the right to refuse a sale of any animal that is not legal in that area or if applicable permit is unable to be provided. 


Please keep in mind that shipping can make an animal cranky and stressed.  Even the best mannered snakes can bite. We will always try to be forth coming with a snakes temperament, however stress can change that.


Returns: Please notify us with photographs of any issues that arise within 24 hours of the animal arriving.  These can be sent to We work diligently to represent the animals clearly and provide the best quality. Please feel free to contact us if there are any other concerns that arise.

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